OpenJSCAD goes mobile

It's been a while since my last post. Meanwhile, I've spend some time on assembling a 3D printer construction kit, calibrating it, printing stuff, etc. Some tricks and thoughts around the printer, I will document as soon as I have some time left.
[Meanwhile, you may want to have a look at my thingiverse page for some first designs.]

Constructing 3D Models is easy if you use Tinkercad, for example, which runs in a browser.
I was looking for a viable solution on tiny screens, in case you want to do some construction work on a train ride. I've already used OpenSCAD, which is a fine tool running on the desktop and which is also used as a scripting language behind Thingiverse's customizer.
With  OpenJSCAD, you can also edit and generate OpenJSCAD models inside a browser.
Opposed to Tinkercad, you can have your own local installation, so you can even use it disconnected. What was missing so far is the ability to use OpenJSCAD on mobile devices, as the UI did lack touch screen support (some stuff already in the libraries, though). Plus, it relies on "drag and drop" for source files which is not available on smartphone browsers.

I've tried to mod the code a bit to make it suitable to my mobile devices. For my needs, it does not have to be a packaged application, it can run as a hybrid, either from local storage or server based using a Firefox browser.

I'm not a javascript programmer, so my code mods are probably a  mess. And it was my first GitHub fork to contribute my changes back. Maybe useful to somebody else as well?

Have a look at:

Or download a copy here:

Note this is just a quick and dirty fork. Hopefully, some of the functionality will find its way back into the official code base.

Update: DEMO (https://rawgithub.com/miguelitoelgrande/OpenJSCAD.org/master/phone.html)

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